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How to Easily Get Apex Legends Coins

There’s a new game in town and it’s blowing everyone’s minds! Apex Legends is completely free to play and has over 25 million frequent players all over the globe. The Apex Legends coins are the currency that lets you buy items, and we will tell you how to get them. Apex Legends is taking players from Fortnite very fast these days. The reason? While both games are free to play, Apex Legends has a less cartoonish look, and honestly speaking, it’s more entertaining because the skins and weapons are cooler. There are many Apex Legends hacks running through the Internet, are they real? How do you find Apex Legends cheats? Today we tell you everything there’s to know about how to get Apex Legends coins and more! So start your engines, because we are about to launch a mission for glory and fortune!

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What Are Apex Legends Coins

Since Apex Legends is a battle royale mode game, you get different characters to play with and battle other players. The story takes place 30 years after the events of the popular Titanfall 2, the first-person shooter video game that shocked everyone’s minds in 2016. Here you have pre-defined heroes with multiple abilities and looks that can assume offense, defense, recon, and support positions during the match. Apex Legends coins are the currency you manage in game to buy packs, cosmetics items, and new Legends. And yes, if you are wondering how exactly EA managed to launch such a cool game for free, the answer is making you pay for the in game currencies. You can’t really use the coins to improve your skills in the game, but you will look way cooler with stunning skins and weapons. The game has three different kinds of currencies: Apex Coins, Legend Tokens, and Crafting Metals. Crafting Metals are earned by opening Apex Packs, which, essentially, you get by playing the game. Each pack contains up to three items, they can be skins, voice lines, or crafting metals; between levels 1 to 100, you can earn 45 Apex Packs.
The drop rate for these Apex Packs are:

  • Rare or better item: 100%
  • Epic or better item: 24.8%
  • Legendary item: 7.4%

Worried about getting the same item twice? Don’t, EA has solved this issue banning the system to give you items you have already received. Then you have Legend Tokens, you get them for every match played and they unlock characters and cosmetics. There are some exclusive cosmetics that you will only get through Legend Tokens. Every time you level up, you can win 600 Legend Tokens, but characters and skins usually cost between 10.000 to 12.000 each, so it could take you a while before actually being able to exchange those tokens. And then you have Apex Legend Coins, you can literally buy anything in the game with them. Players usually pay real money in exchange of Apex Coins and then they buy Apex Packs, each one costs 100 Apex Coins. For every 1000 AC you will invest $9.99, it’s not really a lot of money, but some players really can’t afford this and that is not a reason to stop playing or to enjoy half of the game for not having cool skins and characters. Skins and weapons in this game are not only useful to look better, they also offer a wide range of abilities. Some weapons are more expensive than others because they have deeper penetration or a longer range, which, if used properly, can help you to win the match. You can also buy banner frames and banner poses, kill quips, finishers, and more. Most of them are divided among Legendary, Rare, and Epic items, being the first ones the most expensive and unique ones.

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Apex Legends Hacks

The game has been available since February 4th 2019, so at the moment, there are many Apex Legends hacks available. Apex Legends cheats are not exactly legal in terms of usability, meaning, you are not supposed to use them because you would be taking advantage over other players. However, there are some Apex Legends hacks that are updated every time the game gets a new patch; the developers turn off the hack for a few hours to make it match with the new patch, and then you are ready to go! These hacks often include some game advantages, the purpose is not to make you exceptionally good, but to make you win easier so you can get your hands on Apex Legends Coins faster. When you download Apex Legends hacks you get improvements like: instant kill aimbot, auto switch, a better visibility mode, aim angles, prediction limit, penetration checks, cleaner videos and screenshots, no sway or recoil, wallhack, bounding boxes, better player class and health, etc. So far, these Apex Legends cheats are undetected by the EA server, but not all of them are for free. However, if we consider the fact that, in the end, it will be cheaper to invest in the Apex Legends hacks than paying for Apex Legends coins. You can also find some Apex Legends Coins generator, just beware! There are many scammers out there so before actually downloading anything, check the commentaries and reviews of other users. If you can’t find a commentary box or something alike, we would suggest you not to download those Apex Legends Hacks, it may be a sign of a scam.


Apex Legends will take down Fortnite this year, don’t take us wrong, they are both great games, but Apex Legends is genuinely better. The advantage of playing Apex Legends right now, only a few weeks after its launching, is that the game has some errors that allow external developers to come up with Apex Legends hacks. In the near future this could change, of course, but at the moment, there are many Apex Legends cheats that are very easy to download and install without getting caught or suspended. In fact, we are expecting the future hacks include options to avoid getting permanently banned, so you can enjoy the game without the risk of losing all the time you invested in leveling up or winning Apex Legend coins.

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